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TOPFIT Introduction

Financial Information & Hybrid Brokering

TOPFIT is a financial information and hybrid brokering system developed and operated by Shanghai CFETS-NEX International Money Brokering Co., Ltd. It provides multi-terminal service including quote display, enhanced RFQ and data report for domestic and global institutions. The system covers money market, fixed income, commodity as well as wealth management and equity products.

Since 2014, over 1,000,000 quotes have been offered by the system to more than 20,000 traders from 3,000+ institutions.

TOPFIT focuses on pre-trading and in-depth data mining. The data from voice brokering, hybrid brokering, regulators, exchanges, venders and partners are proceeded and consolidated after cleansing, verification and de-noising by different dimensions to provide authentic, real-time and optimal information service for different trading scenarios.

As the first hybrid brokering system of China, TOPFIT combines the advantage and avoid the weakness of voice brokering and electronic trading. By electronic processing, TOPFIT breaks the bottleneck of traditional brokering service in terms of client coverage and operation efficiency. By human interaction, the system compensates the inadequacy of response of pure electronic platform. The specially designed RFQ function, as an essential part of brokering service, can be selected by client independently to secure the effectiveness of the procedure.

By AI technology, TOPFIT recognizes various natural language quotations and facilitates trading intelligently by analyzing trading behavior, in the meantime, the accuracy and effectiveness of deal matching is remarkably improved.

The data source of TOPFIT financial information service includes:

1. Voice brokering quotation and transaction data;

2. Hybrid brokering data;

3. Data submit from system user;

4. Regulatory and authority sites;

5. CFETS data;

6. NEX data;

7. Verified data from internet trader communities and chat groups;

8. Data from venders and partners.

TOPFIT financial information service products include:

1. Level II, real time and historic quotation of selected product;

2. Company owned index products, i.e. Money Market Sentiment Indicator;

3. Trading behavior big data report;

4. CFETS big data report;

5. Third party reports.


TOPFIT hybrid brokering service includes:

1. Tailor made real-time quotes display;

2. Direct or operator assisted linkage under CTT (Click to trade) mode;

3. Direct or operator assisted linkage under RFQ mode;

4. Optional voice brokering service;

5. Optional advanced modules available: pre-inquiry, fuzzy sampling, reverse RFQ, bidding & auction and inventory management;

6. User-defined anonymous and privacy settings.

TOPFIT runs on the INTERBANK CHINA platform. Client can enter to register and trade.

RFQ function, in-depth data and advanced modules requires procurement of institution account. TOPFIT provides Panorama (with 5 independent Ultimate accounts) and Pro account for purchase, suitable for generic and customized trading scenarios accordingly.