Interested in CFETS-NEX Data Services?
CFETS-NEX Datafeed

    For a wide range of asset classes, CFETS-NEX provides customers unparalleled interbank data services via our hybrid electronic trading information platform, TOPFIT, to engage with brokers and help execute trades efficiently.


    CFETS-NEX endeavors to provide an unparalleled breadth and depth of market data for interbank trading, serving thousands of financial institutions through our sophisticated data services. We offer proprietary real-time, end-of-day and historical data solutions for a wide range of asset classes covering fixed income, derivatives, commodities, foreign exchange and money markets, to give traders and investors real-time and historical insight.


    By merging voice and electronic broking, CFETS-NEX ensures that customers benefit from best execution choice and flexibility. For highly-liquid and standardized markets, we use electronic broking to generate and distribute pricing data for real-time tracking. For less-liquid, non-standardized markets, we use voice broking to facilitate the price discovery process and enhance liquidity.


    With authoritative data support from China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS) and our proprietary reliable connections with interbank traders across thousands of financial institutions in China, our quality data feeds your solutions. For a wide range of asset classes, you are able to improve risk management, maintain compliance with regulatory mandates and maximize operational efficiency through a single point of access.